Welcome to the Catt-Trax 2 website

Submitted by Content on Thu, 2006/12/07 - 11:28am.

Join conservationist, photographer, and BCIT instructor Danny Catt on his journey from the icy waters of Antarctica to the jungles of the Amazon. You'll have plenty of company along the way ─ like BCIT's Fish, Wildlife and Recreation students, EBUS Academy students, and Danny's conservation colleagues, all of whom have contributed to this website.

People like you have been visiting from all over the world to track Danny's progress. Here's how you can participate in Danny's Catt-Trax 2 journey:

  • read Danny's blog entries
  • explore the regions he's exploring
  • see the world through Danny's eyes in the photo gallery . All pictures in the gallery (and the banner above) are Danny's
  • learn about the connections that link your actions to the world around you