Argentina - School Visits in Rio Cuarto & Cordoba

Submitted by Danny Catt on Sun, 2007/04/08 - 12:58pm.
Visit to San Ignacio College, Rio Cuarto

Visit to San Ignacio College, Rio Cuarto

When I am back home in British Columbia I volunteer for a program called ‘Scientists and Innovators in the Schools’ coordinated by Science World in Vancouver. As a volunteer scientist I am given the opportunity to visit schools in different parts of the province. During the visits I give presentations about my career, various topics of biology and ecology, conservation and/or career planning for youth in elementary and secondary schools. I typically visit the school ‘physically’ but I have recently given ‘virtual’ school visits where I give presentations on the internet to students who study at home and do not attend formal classes at schools.


Either way, I thoroughly enjoy chatting with students particularly when they are in the process of considering their educational and ultimately their career pathways.



South America is well outside the range of the Scientists in the Schools program but I wanted to visit schools here and thanks to the efforts of my friend Veronica, I was able to visit two schools in Argentina. I was able to share a presentation with the students about my Catt-Trax 2 journey and also describe my own country and explain some of the connections that our two continents, North and South America, share.


Visit to Mark Twain School, Cordoba, Argentina

Visit to Mark Twain School, Cordoba, Argentina


I also have to thank the administrators and teachers at the two schools, San Ignacio in Rio Cuarto and Mark Twain in Cordoba for being willing to have me drop by and present to their students (thanks Pablo, Virginia, Cocqu, Rodalfo, Pamela and others!).



Visit to Mark Twain School, Cordoba, ArgentinaVisit to Mark Twain School, Cordoba, Argentina


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Submitted by verónica (not verified) on Mon, 2007/04/09 - 3:53pm.

Thanks Danny for your lectures, I have talked with school teachers from Mark Twain´s, and SanIgnacio´s  and they said the students are still impressed with your lectures, so I am sure you will be a good influence in many of them. That´s neat!

Thank you  in name of argentine students!


Submitted by Danny Catt on Mon, 2007/04/09 - 4:33pm.

Many thanks Veronica. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting both schools and some of the students have sent hellos to me via the Blog which is great. Thanks again for all of your help and say hola to Maruca for me!

Cheers, Danny

Submitted by Andrew Appleton (not verified) on Fri, 2007/04/13 - 1:58pm.

Hi Danny!

Andrew here- continuing to be hugely jealous of your travels and impressed by your photos, thanks for taking us "along for the ride"!

On the topic of your presentations to students, just wanted to give you the heads up that our West Vancouver Youth Stewardship Group, to whom you gave a presentation back in December have been going great guns and have indpendently organized their own planting event. They've been gaining momentum through the spring and I really feel like your talk got everyone hyped up!

Check out the media article at

We're really excited at the level of motivation in the students and the developing awareness. Thanks again for your support and keep on spreading the word!

Cheers, Andrew

Submitted by Danny Catt on Tue, 2007/04/17 - 2:56pm.

Hi Andrew,

I really appreciate your update and I am so pleased that the West Van Youth Stewardship Group is rolling along so well. It was a pleasure to talk with them and I would be happy to meet with them again when I return. Keep me posted!