Catt-Trax 2 - Colombia en Colombia - And So the Journey Ends <p align="center"><img class="image preview" src="/catttrax2/sites/" alt="Cartagena, Colombia (Old City) - A UNESCO World Heritage Site" title="Cartagena, Colombia (Old City) - A UNESCO World Heritage Site" width="336" height="500" /><span style="width: 334px" class="caption"><strong>Cartagena, Colombia (Old City) - A UNESCO World Heritage Site</strong></span></p><p>From Quito I flew north to Colombia which was to be the last stop on my journey through South America. When I left Vancouver on the 1st of January I was excited about what lay ahead… countries and regions of the world I had not visited, wildlife species that I had only read out in books or had seen on television and people, parks and ecosystems that would be brand new to me. Since leaving Vancouver on a cold January day, I have visited regions of seven countries, stepped on the Antarctic continent and I have spent time on the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. In northern Colombia, in the city of Cartagena I set foot in the Caribbean Sea. </p><p align="center"><img class="image preview" src="/catttrax2/sites/" alt="On the Shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena, Colombia" title="On the Shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena, Colombia" width="375" height="500" /><span style="width: 373px" class="caption"><strong>On the Shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cartagena, Colombia</strong></span></p><p>My trip has been an amazing learning experience. Throughout my travels I have met so many wonderful people and I want to thank all of them for the generosity and kindness shown to me during my visit. There are so many of you that I don’t dare try to list all of your names… as I would hate to leave anyone out! </p><p>Soon I will be back home … and I look forward to spending time with family and friends (as well as my cat Phantom) and digesting the experiences and learning from the journey. I am new to the blogging world and have enjoyed sharing my adventures with all of you. I have received so many wonderful emails and notes (posts) on the blog as I have traveled. I want to thank all of you who took the time to send a hello or a comment or a question. If you have posted a question on the blog that I have not yet answered… I will do so soon! </p><p>I also want to thank the students as well as my colleagues in the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation program at BCIT. The students put a lot of effort into researching sections of the website which I think many of you have had a chance to peruse. I am also indebted to Terry and the TEK (Technology Enabled Knowledge) folks back at BCIT for the amazing job with the Catt-Trax 2 website. I have learned a lot about blogging but I am still far from an expert. All of the fancy stuff (adding the video clips and the photo galleries for example) was done by the team back at BCIT. Thanks again to all of you! At last count we have had over 6000 hits to the Catt-Trax 2 site from over 70 countries. I am really pleased with that!</p><p>I will keep this short as I need to go finish packing my bags and getting things organized for my return home. Thanks again to all of you who have followed along… it has been a pleasure to have you join me on the journey. </p><p>Cheerios,<br />Danny<br /></p> Colombia Colombia Thu, 10 May 2007 23:22:57 -0700 Danny Catt 537 at