Global Connections: Essay Contest

Submitted by The Catt-Trax2 Team on Mon, 2007/03/26 - 8:50am.

Students attending a secondary school (grades 8–12) in British Columbia, Canada are invited to write an essay or tell a story about our "Global Connections" with the world around us, and in particular the southern continents of South America and Antarctica. Selected student entries will be recognized on the Catt-Trax 2 website and the top entry will be awarded a $1,000 entrance award to BCIT.

The connections you describe may be ecological, climatic, social or economic. You may write about a personal experience, or tell a story that helps others to understand how global connections affect us all, and perhaps suggest possible solutions to some of the challenges we face. Describe how we are all connected to the world around us and perhaps how our actions here in British Columbia and Canada can influence the people and landscapes in other parts of the world.

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