Salvador - A Carnaval of Musical Proportions

Submitted by Danny Catt on Sun, 2007/03/04 - 6:55pm.
Salvador - A Carnaval of Musical Proportions
Carnaval Celebration, Salvador, Brazil

Carnaval celebrations in Brazil are biggest (and consequently most famous) in the larger centres of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo (the largest city in South America at an estimated 19 million inhabitants) and also the lively city of Salvador on the north-east coast of the Brazil.

Clown at Work During Carnaval, Salvador, BrazilClown at Work During Carnaval, Salvador, Brazil

We had an opportunity to get a brief taste of Salvador’s unique and colourful carnival celebrations. Salvador is a city full of colour and music.

Rather than having floats with elaborate costumed samba dancers (as in Rio) in Salvador trucks carrying what appear to be the largest mobile speakers on the planet make their way through the city following a pre-determined route with thousands (and I mean thousands) of people lining the streets!

Although my time in Salvador was short… I at least got to see the city at its liveliest!

Salvador, BrazilSalvador, Brazil

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Submitted by Apollo (not verified) on Mon, 2007/03/05 - 2:27pm.
Dear Danny, I think Your Site is great!! if you could post more blogs that would be great! P.S. when r u headed to the Antartic??
Submitted by Danny Catt on Tue, 2007/03/20 - 7:09am.


Thanks for your message. I am now back from Antarctica and will be adding more blog posts and photos very soon. I am glad you are enjoying the website.

Cheers, Danny

Submitted by Jamie Pepper (not verified) on Tue, 2007/03/06 - 12:52pm.


Keep em coming, love the pics!  I'm living vicariously through you so you'd better be having fun (and working hard)

Lots of luck and well wishes on all of your adventures!

 wind at your back


Submitted by Danny Catt on Tue, 2007/03/20 - 7:12am.
Long time no chat Jamie! Great to hear from you. I am back from Antarctica and will be adding more posts and photos soon. I hope you are well and thanks for dropping by and saying hello! Cheers, Danny
Submitted by Donna McKenzie (not verified) on Wed, 2007/03/07 - 1:16pm.

Hi Danny,

I was finally able to access your site. I have spent the last few hours trying to catch up on your adventures... Looks like you are having fun. I look forward to seeing the rest of your photos and reading about the rest of your trip.

Keep Smiling!

Donna McKenzie

Submitted by Danny Catt on Tue, 2007/03/20 - 7:16am.

I am so pleased that you were able to connect and follow along on the blog. I have been on the road so much I have not had a chance to update for awhile... but that will be fixed soon! All the best... and I hope winter has been good in your neck of the woods! Keep me posted.

Cheers, Danny

Submitted by somone (not verified) on Mon, 2007/03/12 - 8:14am.
Hey Danny. I was wondering when you are headed to the Antartic And whena are you goin' to post some more blogz?????????
Submitted by Danny Catt on Tue, 2007/03/20 - 7:19am.


Thanks for your note. I am now back from Antarctica and will update the blog very soon. Antarctica was amazing! I will add some photos to show you what it was like.


Submitted by Pikake on Mon, 2007/03/12 - 11:30am.

Danny is currently in the Antarctic without Internet connections, which is why he hasn't tuned in. He will back after March 15. So stay tuned. In the meantime, there are new contributions from Paul Harrison (Global Connections/Global Warming), and Jose Calo (Global Connections/Conservation in Action/Argentina).


Submitted by Katie F (not verified) on Thu, 2007/03/22 - 2:54pm.

Hi Danny:

Looks like you are on an amazing adventure! I have enjoyed your photographs and explanations of the different areas. Keep up the good work!


Katie F

Submitted by Danny Catt on Sat, 2007/03/24 - 5:45am.

Muchas gracias Katie for taking the time to say hello. All is well down here south of the equator. I am presently in northern Argentina and the rain is falling in buckets!! I don't really mind as I feel very much at home with the rain. Thanks for the supportive note and keep posted as I will add some more photos and posts very soon.