Galapagos Islands: Endangered Species

Submitted by The Catt-Trax2 Team on Mon, 2007/01/08 - 11:08am.

Report prepared by Meaghan Leslie-Gottschligg and Scott Grimsrud, students in BCIT's Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program.

According to The World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List, there are twenty-one threatened wildlife species in the Galapagos Islands. Long term monitoring, habitat restoration and breeding programs are being used to ensure the futures of these species. Some examples are:

According to the Darwin Foundation, 260 endemic plant species and subspecies occur on the islands. Almost ten percent of them are critically endangered, fifteen percent are endangered, and almost forty percent are vulnerable. Of the threatened plants some require close monitoring and others require active protection. Invasive plant species, feral mammals, and human impacts are being managed to prevent further damage.

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