Argentina: Parks and Protected Areas

Submitted by The Catt-Trax2 Team on Thu, 2007/01/04 - 2:11pm.

Report prepared by Enrico Barbon and Ann Marie Gorecki, students in BCIT’s Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program.

Argentina has approximately twenty-nine national parks and thirty-three protected areas making a combined total of 3,584,414 hectares. Iguazu National Park constitutes the last exponent of the subtropical forest in the country. The Iguazu Falls make up a semicircle of approximately 2,700 meters consisting of 275 falls. Another is Los Cardones National Park. It consists of the typical sierras and dry gorges between 2,700 and 5,000 m. ‘Cardones’ or thistles, make up the abundant vegetation that grows there. Another is Lanín National Park, centered on the volcano with an almost perfect cone. It is a favourite with climbers, wildlife viewers, and with those who like to fish in mountain lakes.

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