Trackers: EBUS

Submitted by The Catt-Trax2 Team on Tue, 2007/01/09 - 12:15pm.

The Ebus Academy is a publicly funded distributed learning school which offers K-adult students in British Columbia opportunities to acquire their education from home. The Academy uses internet-based technologies to meet the needs of more than 1000 British Columbian students. Parents, working closely with Ebus online teachers, play an important role in monitoring their child's achievement of learning outcomes. Parents collaborate with teachers in developing a learning plan for their child, and provide examples of their child's work so that the online teacher can make valid assessments of their school work.

EBUS provides online teachers, local workshops, and technical support, as well as online access for descriptions of the curriculum as well as the learning outcomes that students must achieve. Software, print, textbooks and the internet are all used as learning resources.

As with the Catt-Trax Sustainability tour through Africa, students from Ebus Academy are following Danny on his Global Connections journey through South America and Antarctica. As Andy Sundahl, Vice Principal from the Ebus Academy says, "The educational benefits are significant as the curriculum takes on an authenticity, immediacy and relevance that is difficult to replicate in regular classroom settings".

For more information, visit the EBUS website .