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CattTrax2 - Making Global Connections: Antarctica to the Amazon is an interactive online learning experience. The journey is being documented on the website through the use of a blog where students, and others, are able to comment on and interact with Danny during his journey through eleven different regions of South America and Antarctica. Learners can navigate the regions Danny is visiting, explore the surrounding landscape and habitat, and learn about cultural values, recreational opportunities and current environmental issues that impact conservation and sustainability.

BCIT - FWR Class - First Years
BCIT - FWR Class - First Years

BCIT FWR students have researched the different regions represented in Catt-Trax2. First year FWR students have written the content for British Columbia, and second year students have written the material for South America and Antarctica.

Danny is picking up on these issues and questions in the countries he is visiting, expanding and investigating in greater detail and from the other perspective. Danny is using his photographic skills for images, and wherever and whenever possible he is using sound bites, YouTube for video clips to make the learning experience more personal and authentic for his students.

The Catt-Trax2 project team has used quizzes developed by students, and Danny's beautiful photography for online quizzes that anyone can take.

Students can review content on flora and fauna, ecological issues, and recreational land management issues, and participate in ways that would be otherwise impossible. Danny will include scientists, biologists and other experts in participation with his students.

Danny is collaborating with FWR colleagues who are delivering his courses during his absence from January to May. Students are required to participate as part of class assignments and second year students may also choose to participate in the project through the RENR 3175 course as part of their independent studies requirement for the diploma.

Danny's goals for Catt-Trax2 - Making Global Connections: Antarctica to the Amazon are:

  • Increase understanding of our own conservation and sustainability issues by comparing them to similar issues and problems faced in South America and Antarctica (ranging from global warming issues in Antarctica to deforestation and water issues in the Amazon), and helping us make those global connections
  • Collaborate with other BCIT faculty, BCIT students, as well as students and teachers throughout British Columbia, and the general public, in solving conservation and sustainability problems, comparing how one region of the world approaches problems with their own unique dynamics - making global connections!